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How do know what a tree costs?
The trees that are available to be cut are marked with a price tag on them.  

Can we bring our dog?
Because we understand how much your dog is part of the family, we happily welcome them.  We ask that you please put them on a leash while here.

Do you provide tractor rides to the field?
We offer wagon rides out to the tree fields and back. You are also welcome to walk out to our tree fields as well. 

Do you provide saws to cut the trees?
We have saws hanging on the wagons for your use and ask you to return them for the next family when you are done.

Do you have rope available to tie our tree onto our vehicle?
We have twine available to make sure your tree is securely tied down for its travel home.

Can we bring our own saw?
You are welcome to bring your own saw and do allow chain saws. 

Do you assist with loading our tree on our vehicle?
We are happy to assist you with securing your tree for safe travels to its new home when needed.

Do you sell tree stands?
We sell 2 different size stands based on the height of your tree.

Do you take credit cards?
We happily except Discover, MasterCard, VISA, American Express and your Debit Card.


Thank you for your inquiry. Please enter your information below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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