Precautions, restrictions, and changes you will see at the Farm this season:

  • All guests will be required to wear a mask at all times.

  • We will have markings on the ground promoting social distancing.  

  • To reduce wait time, we will offer three checkout lines.

  • Saws are provided, however, we encourage you to bring your own if you are able.

  • For drawings and email updates, we ask customers to register here. This year, we will NOT be handing out cards on the farm,

  • For those wishing to ride the wagons to the field, we are offering separate areas for customers to load and unload.

  • Tree locations in the field will allow customers to walk if they prefer.

  • Concessions will be available at one location - the window on the north side of the building where you pay.

  • If you feel sick or have any symptoms of being ill,  please do not come to the Farm until you are 48 hours symptom-free without medication.

Merry Christmas!
The Bohman's