The first seedlings were planted on the farm in 1968.  Eight years later, the first tree was sold. Every year since 1968, thousands of seedlings have been planted in March to ensure a high variety of trees. Each tree on the farm is planted by hand. Once the trees reach three years of age, they are sheared every year thereafter. Countless hours are spent year-round on upkeep, such as mowing down weeds to yield proper growth and shape. After approximately nine years of hot, dry summers and cold, frosty winters, the trees are ready to be harvested.

The Bohman Christmas Tree Farm is a "choose-and-cut" farm. This means that you can enjoy a wagon ride across the hills of the farm to the trees. Saws are provided and trees are individually marked with a white price tag. Once you harvest a tree, we will take you and your family back to the barn on a wagon where the tree will be cut and drilled so that it stands properly. We also mechanically shake all of the debris out of the tree and finally run the tree through a bailer to condense the branches down. This makes the ride home much easier.

If you don't want to venture out onto the farm to cut your own tree, we also have pre-cut trees for your convenience. 

Snacks and refreshments are available. Ample parking and portable restroom facilities are also available.