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  • Select the location in the home for your tree that is away from heat and draft sources like fireplaces, furnace vents, radiators, and television sets.

  • Measure to determine the height of the tree you are looking for.

  • If you need to purchase a stand while at the tree farm.


  • Keep your tree in a covered area such as a porch or garage to protect it from the wind and sun until you’re ready to put them in the stand.

  • If you purchased a disposal bag you will want, put it down first for ease of removal.

  • We recommend waiting to “unwrap’ your tree until it is moved inside and successfully in the stand.

  • Watering is the key to maintaining a spectacular tree throughout the holidays. Real trees need water daily. Never let your tree stand go dry! A seal of dried sap will form over the cut stump if the water drops below the base of the tree preventing the tree from absorbing water. 

  • If a seal does form, another fresh cut will need to be made. It doesn’t matter how much you cut off, just make a fresh cut. A tree will absorb over a gallon of water in the first 24 hours and one or more quarts a day thereafter. Water is important because it prevents the needles from drying and the boughs from drooping.

  • You can purchase a water funnel while supplies last for ease of watering your tree.

  • If your tree is frozen, has ice on the branches, or is wet in any way, thaw it out slowly and allow it to drip dry. You can then bring it into the house with the baling on it to protect the tree from damage.

  • Your tree should last 3 to 4 weeks inside your home with proper care.  

  • We recommend that you turn your Christmas tree lights off, when possible, to help your tree life.

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