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Our Trees

The life of our Christmas trees starts with the hand-planting of thousands of high-quality seedlings every spring.  When the trees reach three years of age, we begin the grooming process. Countless hours are spent year-round on the upkeep of our trees and tree farm, including mowing the property, monitoring the tree’s growth, and shaping them.  Starting at approximately nine years of hot, dry summers and cold, frosty winters, the trees are ready to start going home with you.


If you are interested in a 9ft or taller tree, be sure to get out to the farm early in the season, as these tend to go quickly.

Fraser Firs at Bohman Christmas Tree Farm (3).png

Fraser Fir trees are one of the most popular Christmas Trees due to their dark green color, pleasant scent, and symmetrical shape. They have soft textured needles, which make hanging your ornaments easy, and have good needle retention. The Fraser Fir has a gray-brown bark and beautiful silvery-white coloring to the underside of its branches.  

Canaan Firs at Bohman Christmas Tree Farm (1).png

The Canaan Fir is a relative newcomer to the Christmas tree market and is very similar to the Fraser Fir. The Canaan Fir has deep bluish-green coloring, is very fragrant, and has a nice symmetrical look. They have excellent needle retention, which is rigid to the touch and holds ornaments well.  

White Pine at Bohman Christmas Tree Farm (1).png

The White Pine is considered to be the largest pine variety in the United States. It makes a beautiful Christmas Tree with its soft, long needles and excellent needle retention to create a warm and inviting feel. It is known for its elegant, symmetrical shape and its bluish-green to silver-green color. They have very little aroma and cause fewer allergic reactions if this is a concern.

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